Personal Branding

As one of my personal projects, I’ve designed a corporate identity for myself. As a designer, I love to evolve and refine. Therefore, I had to come up with a simple and flexible personal branding. I was intending to create easily adjustable branding that can grow over time. The logo is a simple combination of two elements. The first one is a letter of my name “V”. It is a symbol of spring, leaf/sprout since that is the meaning of my name in some Slavic languages. The symbol of “sprouting letter V” is placed in a circle that gives off a certain feel associated with femininity and continuity.

Usage of personal branding

Due to its simplicity, the logo works both as a positive or a negative shape. I was able to use the filled logo as a replacement for the first letter of my name in order to introduce a variety of possibilities for how the logo can be used. The primary color I choose is coral color, close to Pantone’s Color of 2019 – Living Coral and paired it with its complementary navy to add an accent to my design. The rest of the design elements are the things I currently enjoy: daily journal, stickers, reusable bag, wax stamp…

Project Details

  • Logo
  • Website Design